Clamping systems for machine tools

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  • Vacuum creation: by means of a vacuum pump (available in various capacities)
  • Power supply: 400 V Power consumption depending on pump size
  • Recommended use: ideal for medium/large sized plates (l=~1000 mm.) it allows any type of machining on different types of parts with good compensation for vacuum losses. This equipment is also recommended when several modular plates are used at the same time.
  • Controls: wireless, visual and sound alarms for lack of vacuum, ready for safety connection with machine tool
  • Fluid recovery tank: as standard, allowing water/coolant recovery and also a minimum vacuum reserve (approx. 10/15 seconds*) in the event of sudden pressure loss. Automatic unloading when the workpiece is released
  • Automatic pipe cleaning: by means of an air flow (whose intensity and duration can be adjusted) which also helps the release of the workpiece after machining.