Clamping systems for machine tools

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An accurately thought-out design implemented with perfect adherence to technical specifications is an excellent prerequisite for a successful application, but it is only daily practice which can confirm the validity of the clamping solution.

That is why we want to tell you quality stories, by describing the results obtained applying our clamping systems in companies from the most diverse segments of the manufacturing industry.

Discover the advantages we have offered to companies like yours: if you like, you can be the leading player in the next story.

Mechanical solutions

Moretti standard solutions for mechanical machining

What are the advantages of Moretti standard clamping solutions?  We discussed this issue with the company's Technical Department Manager, Luca.

Vacuum solutions

Micromec chooses Moretti’s Vacuum solutions

For over 10 years, Micromec has been producing parts for the mechanical engineering, aerospace and medical industries. The company can draw on the founders' 30 years' experience in the precision engineering segment...

Moretti clamping solutions with vacuum plate

Moretti's Product Specialist for Vacuum Solutions, Paolo, describes the features of these systems and the advantages obtained by using them.