Clamping systems for machine tools

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Since 1979 we have been designing and manufacturing clamping equipment for machine tools.

The best manufacturing companies trust us: larger firms, as well as concerns with particularly stringent quality requirements, appreciate our ability to meet every requirement of the manufacturing industry by always working with the utmost proficiency and in full compliance with specifications.

Our excellent reputation stems from the efficiency of our clamping solutions, which guarantee precise and repeatable machining, flexibility and safety, with low purchase and running costs. 

Italian excellence, worldwide

Our market is global: mechanical engineering companies in Italy and around the world know they can count on us to provide optimum clamping solutions and an efficient, timely service.

We pay attention to construction details, knowing that they make all the difference: we attach importance to every detail in the design and construction phase, to guarantee you a practically unlimited lifespan.

Constant investment in technology, the use of innovative materials and in-depth knowledge of production processes allow us to offer you a wide range of clamping solutions for your machining centres and to design and build tailor-made solutions for specific requirements. 

Solutions for everyone

For every type of material and machining, for unique specimens or series, in any segment of the mechanical  industry, there is an effective and convenient Moretti clamping system. And if it doesn’t exist yet, we can create it especially for you.

The growing demand for clamping solutions for machining parts made of aluminium and other non-magnetic materials – titanium, plastics, ceramics, graphite – has led us to develop innovative clamping systems using vacuum technology.

Our research in the field of materials has allowed us to add the revolutionary Granisint to the traditional cast iron, steel and aluminium elements; this material combines the mechanical properties of cast iron and steel with a lightness even greater than that of aluminium.

Our aim is to provide you with the most efficient clamping equipment and the most versatile and innovative fastening systems: you will always find an ideal Moretti clamping solution for your production process.

A complete range

Whether you need a grid system for maximum flexibility or a dedicated plate system for machining operations occurring at intervals, we can offer the right solution for your production requirements.

Innovation and technology as a starting point
Quality and precision as our goal


The Moretti company was founded


Installation of the first CNC machines


First expansion and increase in production activity

End of the 80s

Moretti modular systems conquer European markets


The new challenge: Vacuum clamping


Moretti is among the first in the world to offer the revolutionary Granisint


ISO 9001 corporate certification


Development and standardisation of Vacuum systems 


New manufacturing plant


Plant grows and is renewed with the addition of a new production area


Evolution is ongoing