Clamping systems for machine tools

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13 July 2022

Moretti, clamping solutions for leading mechanical engineering companies

The clamping of workpieces is a fundamental step for all companies performing mechanical machining. Choosing a fixing system appropriate for production requirements is important to ensure efficiency and productivity. The selection of the system depends mainly on the features of the workpiece to be clamped, and on whether it is magnetic or non-magnetic. For the various types of fastening,... Read on

2 December 2021

EMO, a success that bodes well

The latest edition of EMO, held in Milan from October 4th to 9th, exceeded the expectations of many exhibitors, including us at Moretti! If it is true that the forecasts were based on an understandable caution, since it was one of the first major events in attendance after a long pause, the results are promising for the future: more than 60,000 visitors is indeed a respectable figure, even... Read on