Clamping systems for machine tools

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Vacuum machines

  • Vacuum creation: by means of a low-consumption multi-stage ejector using ‘dry’ air with a minimum compression of 4 ATM
  • Power supply: 220 V
  • Recommended use: ideal for small/medium sized surfaces (length=~600 mm), allows any type of machining on parts with good planarity
  • Controls: wireless, visual and audible alarms for lack of compressed air and vacuum, ready for safety connection with machine tool
  • Fluid recovery tank: as a standard, allowing water/coolant recovery and also a minimum vacuum reserve (approx. 5/8 seconds*) in case of sudden pressure loss. Accumulated liquid level indicator
  • Automatic pipe cleaning: by blowing air ( whose intensity and duration can be adjusted) which also helps the release of the workpiece after machining.