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Micromec chooses Moretti’s Vacuum solutions

Published on: 02/12/2021

Micromec chooses Moretti’s Vacuum solutions

For over 10 years, Micromec has been producing parts for the mechanical engineering, aerospace and medical industries. The company can draw on the founders’ 30 years’ experience in the precision engineering segment, which has led Micromec to stand out for its ability to provide specialised consulting and develop tailor-made projects. 

Micromec is inspired in its evolution by the principles of Industry 4.0: an increasing level of digitalisation, automated processes and cutting-edge technologies, including the use of anthropomorphic robots, allow the company to offer innovative solutions combined with the great attention to detail and passion for mechanics which characterise its approach.

Precision machining of non-magnetic materials

Most of the machining operations carried out by Micromec involve workpieces made of plastic or aluminium: non-magnetic materials, therefore, for which vacuum clamping is particularly suitable.

That’s why Lorenzo Torcini, founding partner of Micromec, searched for a fastening solution of this type and tried several before coming across the systems manufactured by Moretti, a company from Lombardy specialising in the production of clamping systems for mechanical machining of all kinds.

“A whole new world opened up for me,” says Torcini: “the Moretti systems have nothing to do with the alternatives on the market in terms of reliability and versatility. In short: they work”.

Torcini initially chose a vacuum creation machine of limited dimensions, considering that most of the precision components manufactured by Micromec are quite small: the “Workstation”, with a suction capacity of 15 m3/h, immediately provided excellent performance, clamping the parts without damaging them and allowing very rapid machining ( as an example, Torcini mentions parts machined from aluminium sheet up to 10 mm thick, which are cut with a truly remarkable feed rate, so much so that it has also been appreciated by technicians from the University of Pisa visiting the workshop).

Even the best evolve

Having successfully and effortlessly adapted to the new machine, Micromec immediately began to evolve to make the most of its potential: the two plates (ribbed and gridded) purchased from Moretti were joined by smaller dedicated plates for smaller parts which Micromec manufactured in-house, exploiting the modularity of the system.

The excellent results obtained soon led to the need to increase production capacity: Micromec therefore explained its requirements to Moretti and the supplier immediately identified the most suitable solution as ‘Workstation S’ with a suction capacity of 35 m3/h.

The new machine immediately proved to be a very good solution for the changing needs of production: equipped with two tanks with a valve for the lubricant-coolant liquid, which are filled automatically during operation, it can run almost continuously with numerically controlled machines without the need for special monitoring by the operator.

Production capacity for every requirement

Completely satisfied with the second machine, Torcini decided to renew his trust in Moretti by purchasing another Workstation S (the original Workstation remains with the company: fully functional, it can provide a reserve of production capacity for sudden peaks in orders).

With these vacuum creation machines, the plates made by Moretti and those created by Micromec, the company is able to meet all customer requirements with the precision that has always distinguished it and with a decidedly remarkable speed.

“The practicality of the solutions and the impeccable after-sales service make Moretti an ideal partner for our business: our partnership is one that will undoubtedly continue in the event of further business developments,” Torcini concluded.

For over forty years, Moretti has been designing and manufacturing clamping equipment for machine tools. Standardised or customised, mechanical or based on vacuum technology, Moretti’s solutions meet every requirement of the manufacturing industry, guaranteeing precise and repeatable machining, flexibility and safety, with low operating costs.

For information on Moretti’s fastening solutions, the company’s technical and commercial staff can be reached on +39 031 480782 or at