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Moretti standard solutions for mechanical machining

Published on: 19/11/2021

Moretti standard solutions for mechanical machining

What are the advantages of Moretti standard clamping solutions? 
We discussed this issue with the company’s Technical Department Manager, Luca.

For what types of processing are Moretti standard solutions used?

Our clamping systems are suitable for a wide range of machining operations on all kinds of parts, from moulds to sheet metal and plates. Standard solutions are typically used for machining magnetic materials and are particularly suitable when the part to be machined needs to be changed quickly.

Are there clamping systems which are more suitable for certain processes?

The choice of clamping system is mainly linked to the size of the part and the tool stroke, but the type of clamping is linked to the individual production situation: each time the customer identifies the most suitable solution (cubes or crankheads, towers or plates), if necessary with our help.
For production processes involving frequent size changes, we propose grid solutions, which are easy and quick to change even with considerable frequency, while for serial machining operations recurring over a period of time, it is generally advisable to have a dedicated plate made, so as to be ready instantly when the need to carry out the machining operation concerned arises again.

Moretti solutions are available in different materials: which are the most used?

In the mechanical sector, the most popular clamping systems are made of cast iron and steel, but in the case of very large structures it can be useful to reduce the machine load by not adding the considerable weight of cast iron or solid steel clamping systems to the workpiece. 

For some of these machining operations we offer aluminium solutions, which are lighter but only suitable within certain temperature ranges. The risk of unwanted movement caused by thermal expansion must be taken into account.

If weight is an issue, or if high vibration absorption capacity is required, we recommend Granisint, a synthetic material with exceptional properties: as strong as cast iron or steel, lighter than aluminium and not subject to significant thermal expansion.

What advantages do Moretti solutions bring, in general and compared to alternatives available on the market?

The feature most appreciated by our customers is flexibility; we are able to understand the customer’s needs thanks to our experience and to design on-demand solutions quickly

Could you provide an example of a segment where the use of Moretti solutions has simplified the operations and brought greater benefits than previously used or considered solutions?

We could provide many examples, but to mention just one of the most recent cases, a customer in the aeronautical sector broke a cube made of Granisint (which is far from fragile, but when working with large and heavy parts, this can happen).

Within a short time we were able to repair the cube, restoring it to working order without the need to change the production plan and providing the same guarantees and measurement certifications as the original system. 

The saving compared to the cost of a possible re-purchase was considerable; if the customer had sourced the clamping system from some emerging market, I sicerely doubt he would have been able to receive this kind of service, and any saving made at the time of purchase would have been lost.

To what extent does the ability to provide services ( consulting to identify the most suitable solutions, design of tailor-made solutions, after-sales service) influence the customer’s choice of Moretti solutions?

Very much so: standard solutions, as the name suggests, are relatively standardised, and what distinguishes Moretti’s offering is the ability to provide advice, customised designs and technical support. 

Of course, the guarantee of precision and the measurement certifications of our standard products help to ensure that customers are happy with their choice, but for standard products the most appreciated aspect is definitely the human element: the competence and the ability to listen which we offer to those who contact our company.

For over forty years, Moretti has been designing and manufacturing clamping equipment for machine tools. Standardised or customised, mechanical or based on vacuum technology, Moretti’s solutions meet every requirement of the manufacturing industry, guaranteeing precise and repeatable machining, flexibility and safety, with low operating costs.

For information on Moretti’s fastening solutions, the company’s technical and commercial staff can be reached on +39 031 480782 or at