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2 December 2021

Micromec chooses Moretti’s Vacuum solutions

For over 10 years, Micromec has been producing parts for the mechanical engineering, aerospace and medical industries. The company can draw on the founders' 30 years' experience in the precision engineering segment, which has led Micromec to stand out for its ability to provide specialised consulting and develop tailor-made projects.  Micromec is inspired in its evolution by the... Read on

2 November 2021

Moretti clamping solutions with vacuum plate

Moretti's Product Specialist for Vacuum Solutions, Paolo, describes the features of these systems and the advantages obtained by using them. For which types of machining are Moretti vacuum solutions most commonly used? Vacuum solutions are mainly used for non-magnetic materials, as long as they are not porous. They are ideal for processing plates in aluminium, titanium, plastic, graphite,... Read on